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Private Investigations Agency LC# A1800164
Recovery Agency LC# R3100002
Yacht Sales YSL11459

Serving Lenders, Attorneys and Private Individuals 



William Webb P.A. in Partnership with Zwaans International Yachting Division in now offering marine vessel recovery. We created our Firm and Partnership with the knowledge of how expensive skip tracing and locating hard to find vessels can be. We offer NO CURE NO PAY SERVICES. Meaning if we do not find your vessel there is no charge to you. We just ask for an agreement to list and sell your vessel through our Yacht Brokerage when the vessel is recovered. 

William Webb P.A. is a Florida Licensed Private Investigations Agency and Recovery Agency our unique Partnership with Zwaans International Yachting Division a licensed Florida Yacht Brokerage sets us apart. 

As a licensed Private Investigations Agency we have skip tracing resources and experience our competitors simply can not match. We can find vessels that other firms simply can’t because they lack the credentials and investigative experience. We provide a professional fast and secure service from skip tracing and locating the vessel, recovery and finally remarketing and selling the vessel. 

William Webb P.A. in Partnership with Zwaans International Yachting Division takes the worry away for our financial lenders. Our main focus and primary goal is to achieve THE BEST CURRENT MARKET VALUE for these marine vessels for our financial lenders.

We are the Solution.

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    • Fully Licensed and Bonded and Insured