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YACHT AUCTIONS provides the first hybrid yacht auction system that utilizes the most up to date Digital online Auction Platform as well as time tested live Ringmaster techniques to provide a fast and secure way to buy and Sell Yachts.

About by William Webb P.A. a licensed Florida Auction Company conducts auctions with Yacht Brokers Worldwide.

What We Offer offers hybrid yacht auctions with online and live bidding that connects buyers and sellers in a new an innovative sales process..

Easy Process

After bidders are approved they can bid online, over the phone or in person at the live auctions. William Webb is a licensed Florida Auctioneer and Yacht Broker.

Online & Live Auction Platforms conducts online & live auctions that connect buyers and sellers through our unique screening process. Sellers are contracted to sell their yachts and buyers qualify with a deposit to bid in our Auctions.

Easier than Ever Before has developed the most secure and innovative way to sell yachts in the Industry. Brokers still receive their full commission and continue to work with buyers and sellers. Brokers benefit from a more secure transaction process that eliminates the problems associated with the traditional approach. There is an inspection period and a survey furnished by the seller prior to the auction. Buyers qualify be posting a deposit to bid in the auction. Buyers are free to conduct their own surveys prior to the auction..