About Us

Modern Yacht Auctions Online and in Person in Stuart, Florida

Yachtauctioneer.com by William Webb P.A. a licensed Florida Auction Company conducts auctions with Yacht Brokers Worldwide. Yachtauctioneer.com offers hybrid yacht auctions with online and live bidding that connects buyers and sellers in a new an innovative sales process. After bidders are approved they can bid online, over the phone or in person at the live auctions. William Webb is a licensed Florida Auctioneer and Yacht Broker.


Yachtauctioneer.com was designed with the traditional problems of the yacht sales process in mind. Brokers are still a part of the process and still receive their full commission. Our buyers and sellers are vetted prior to our online and live auctions eliminating traditional hassles. Surveys and Sea Trials are performed prior to auctions to further speed up the process. This way when the gavel falls the auction is over.


Yachtauctioneer.com is designed to help you sell your Yacht expeditiously utilizing the speed and efficiency of the auction platform. Unlike traditional Yacht transactions that can take months, you can choose to sell your yacht on our online or hybrid model which is recommended. Buyers and Sellers can watch the bidding in real time with all parties taking part in the exciting experience.